B Studio Microblading in Windsor, Ontario provides beautiful, precise and meticulous microblading for eyebrows of all shapes and sizes.

Give New Life To Your Eyebrows

B Studio Microblading, located in Windsor, Ontario provides beautiful, precise and meticulous microblading for eyebrows of all shapes and sizes. Eyebrows are crafted by Blerina Knowlton, Certified PhiBrows Artist.


What is Microblading?

Microblading is a type of cosmetic semi-permanent makeup performed by hand drawing each individual hair and simultaneously implanting the pigment into the skin with a handheld tool composed of very fine needles called a microblade.

Why Get Microblading Done?

Microblading produces the most natural-looking brows available. A skilled and experienced PhiBrows microblading artist can shape and form the brows to enhance the natural beauty of your face, skin tone, and bone structure.

There is also very little downtime. As soon as the procedure is completed, your brows will be photo-ready! Although there will be a week of peeling and healing (as with any tattoo or semi-permanent makeup), the results will be immediate!

Microblading cuts down on daily preparation time and saves you money

Most women spend up to 30 minutes per day filling in their brows with makeup. You will wake up with makeup on after a microblading procedure! No more dealing with gels, powders, and pencils on a daily basis. Your hand-crafted brows are ready whenever you are!

And when compared to the cost of eyebrow filling products, brushes, fixers, and the time spent applying makeup on a daily basis, microblading can save money in the long run. The average microblading procedure lasts two years, with some lasting up to three years if properly cared for.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • B Studio Microblading Testimonial, Saranda


    Thank you!! Oh wow they look so good!

  • B Studio Microblading Testimonial, Melissa


    B Studio went above and beyond my expectations, and my eyebrows look amazing! Blerina made sure they matched my facial structure and looked full and natural. She is very kind and polite to deal with. Thank you for giving me the eyeborws I always wanted!

  • B Studio Microblading Testimonial, Kendra


    Blerina, I love my new eyebrows! I can't wait for my boyfriend to see them! Thank you so much, you are so talented! I also gave your number to a couple of friends of mine. They love your work!

  • B Studio Microblading Testimonial, Raquel


    I love them!! Thank you so much Blerina! I will be sending you a friend of mine, she loves my eyebrows too!

  • B Studio Microblading Testimonial, Amber


    You are the best! I feel amazing and my boyfriend won't stop complimenting me and looking at my eyes. After having a daughter I didn't feel so great with myself. The difference from my original eyebrows to these is insane! They are gorgeous! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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